O.K. Guys, Mansplaining is a No No
Mansplaining’ has become such a big problem in Sweden a telephone hotline has been set up to report instances of this terrible, terrible issue. What is ‘mansplaining’?
At the top
WalletHub.com has released their ranking for the 2016 Best & Worst States for Women. The news for women in Maine is great and Maine came in at number four on their list. They combined 15 key metrics to get their rankings. See the complete report right here.
39, The Age Men Become Invisible to Younger Women
Well guys, I hate to burst your ego, but a new survey shows, when a man hits 39 years of age, he becomes invisible to younger women. It’s not the case in all younger women, if you manage to stay fit and healthy and look like George Clooney, but 39 seems to be the cutoff age.
Women Need More Sleep Than Men
A new study by Duke University says women wake up grumpier than men because women need more sleep than men.  The study found lack of sleep for women can lead to heart  disease and depression, but the amount of sleep a person needs depends on the person, but generally women need at least 20…
Scientific Proof Shows Women Talk More Than Men
It’s been said that women talk more than men and a lot of people say it’s a myth, but now there is biological evidence to support the myth. Psychiatrist Louann Brizendine reports that women speak about 20,000 words a day while men speak only 7,000 a day. She also sights the fact that girls start off…
Women in Combat
For the first time, women in the armed forces will be moved into combat roles. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta will make the official announcement Thursday.

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