The Cadillac Three have released a brand-new single, "Graffiti."

Written by TC3's drummer, Neil Mason, along with Corey Crowder and Luke Dick, "Graffiti" is the first song from a forthcoming live vinyl release from the country-rock trio. Sonically, the tune is more on par with their most recent single, "White Lightning," than more rocking tracks such as "The South."

"We're doing it our way / Leaving our mark down the halls, on the walls in the bathroom stalls, underneath that freight train bridge that we jumped off," the chorus goes. "We wrote 'Long live the kings and queens of this city' / Small-town famous, our names in graffiti."

The band recorded "Graffiti" at London's famous Abbey Road Studios, and they will be filming a video for the song in Europe, while they're overseas for their Night Life Religion Tour. The Cadillac Three have earned themselves quite a following in the U.K., even earning Best New Band at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour in 2014.

"We've gone overseas six or seven times in the past two years. We went over there the first time and did a headlining show in London, just because we'd heard there was some excitement brewing, and it sold out within a day. Since then, every headlining show we've done over there has been sold out," TC3's Jaren Johnston tells Rolling Stone Country. "I think people out that way love that Southern rock situation."

"Graffiti" is now available for download via iTunes.

Listen to the Cadillac Three, "Graffiti":

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