Over the last few days, we've all had to come to terms with the murder of George Floyd.  For some, this means protests.  For others, it is quiet reflection on their own feelings and attitudes.

Floyd, a 46 year old African-American man living in Minneapolis, was murder by a police officer on Memorial Day.  In the arrest-gone-wrong, Minneapolis Police Department Office Derek Chauvin put his knee on Floyd's neck for nearly ten minutes.  Throughout the incident, Floyd pleaded with the officer to remove his knee, repeatedly saying "I can't breathe."

As the video of his death went viral, people around the world took notice.  Protests were held and four of the police officers on scene were arrested and charged.  More importantly, though, the awful situation prompted conversations were started about racism and equality.

Sadly, some people will do anything they can to get notoriety on social media.

According to the Daily Mail, white teens are now participating in the latest (and most offensive) social media challenge - The George Floyd Challenge.

The challenge, which re-enacts and mocks Floyd's death, involves one teen kneeling on the neck of another, just had Officer Chauvin had done during Floyd's arrest.

The first instance of the challenge appeared several days ago and was posted from a small town in Ohio.  Since then, challenge videos from around the world have appeared on Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Frequently, we like to post video of people partaking in these internet challenges, even if it just as a warning.  While there are videos of these challenges floating around, they are too disturbing and disgusting to share.

If your teen has a smartphone, please take a minute to speak with them about the many things that are wrong with this internet challenge.  Please let them know how disgusting, offensive and ignorant it is, let alone how dangerous it is.  Please explain to them that, in doing this, they are re-enacting the murder of a man.

On top of that, it can have life altering consequences for them.  Two teenage girls who had planned on attending the University of Missouri and Missouri State University rescinded their intention to attend those schools once it was discovered they took part in this challenge.

Please be safe and be kind to everyone you meet.  Life is too short for us to be mean to each other.

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