One of the most fun parts about moving to a new city (or exploring your current one) is establishing which restaurant will be your pizza place or go-to taco spot. These are important decisions.

When it comes to cuisine in New Hampshire, there is one cuisine that Granite Staters are craving more often than the rest, and I was little surprised by it!

Research conducted by online price monitoring website Pricelisto analyzed Google search data to determine what cuisines are most popular in each state.

The data examined the search volume for cuisine-related searches in each state over the past 12 months. Different combinations of search terms were used to show the search volume, and the results were then averaged over the past 12 months and sorted by each cuisine to determine the most popular food in each state. For example, search terms such as “[cuisine] food”, “[cuisine] food near me” or “[cuisine] recipes]” were used to gather data.

Chinese is the most popular cuisine in New Hampshire, according to a new study of search data. Over 33,464 searches for Chinese were made by residents each month. Why is this surprising? I have yet to find a suitable Chinese restaurant near me in Hampton, New Hampshire.  Am I missing something? We are more likely to go for Mexican or order a pizza simply because we can't find a Chinese restaurant in close proximity that we like.

Ranking at number two is Mexican with 16,490 monthly searches, and Thai came in at number three with 10,444 monthly searches. Italian is number four, and here I am thinking pizza is a universal love language! Maybe people establish where their go-to pizza place is so they aren't searching for it as much. But with other genres of cuisines like Chinese, Mexican, and Thai, the quest continues for the best spot. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it!

What is your favorite cuisine? How does it match up with the findings of this survey?

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