When you think of wealthy women, REALLY wealthy women, there are a few that almost instantly pop in your head.  Business leaders like Mackenzie Bezos, actresses like Jennifer Anniston, social media stars like Kim Kardashian, and musicians like...  Taylor Swift!

Yes, we all know that she is crazy rich, but how much is Taylor Swift actually worth?  Well, according to a recent issue of Parade, she is worth over $500 million!

Here is rural Maine we don't have anyone nearly as wealthy as her, though, right?  WRONG!

In fact, the richest person in Maine is actually worth over DOUBLE what Taylor Swift is worth.

According to Money Inc, Susan Alfond is the richest person in the State of Maine.  As of 2023, she has a net worth of about $1.2 BILLION.  Susan, along with her brother Bill, inherited her money from her father.

Her father, Harold Alfond, had founded Dexter Shoe Company in the 1950s.  After growing the business for many decades, he sold it to Warren Buffett for over $400 million in Berkshire Hathaway stock.  Since then, the value of that stock has grown by leaps and bounds, leading to her family's immense wealth.

According to the Idol Net Worth website, she currently resides in the small Maine town of Scarborough, work she is an investor and a philanthropist.  Even though it does not appear she has a direct hand in the operation of her father's charitable foundation, we can only assume that she is a silent member of the management team.  She also reportedly has a stake in Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Red Sox and Liverpool FC.

Have you ever met Susan Alfond?  What about Taylor Swift?  What are they like?

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