There are countless places for tourists to visit in both Maine and New England as a whole.

Tourism websites like Attractions of America have given their takes on the top things to do in Maine, but sometimes, it's not always the popular options which are the best. Often times, the hidden gems make equally as much if not more of an impact. But where are these special places?

Many people insist that if a destination is considered a hidden gem, it should remain just that: hidden. And we totally understand that. It makes sense that you'd prefer these places remain calm spots of seclusion, rather than flooded with tourists and out-of-staters. Nonetheless, we still want to show these places some love, as they're often unappreciated.

With that in mind, we decided to ask the good people of Facebook for the best hidden gems in Maine. Some of these locations are definitely popular, while others were previously unknown to this writer. So, let's see which spots people suggested. Do you agree with these? What places would you add to the list?

These Are 14 Must-Visit Hidden Gem Destinations in Maine

Gallery Credit: Megan

Feeling hungry? Maine has over 3,200 restaurants statewide, plenty of which fly under the radar. Here's a look at some of the best hidden gem restaurants in the state. How many of these places have you been to?

These Are 20 of the Best Hidden Gem Restaurants in Maine

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Now, let's journey over to New Hampshire and learn about some of the best hidden gem destinations in the Granite State. Are any of these spots on your bucket list?

These Are 20 Must-Visit Hidden Gems in New Hampshire

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