You thought setting at 4PM was bad? Try not seeing it for 67 days. Utqiagvik, Alaska saw the sun set yesterday at 1:43 PM and they won't see it again until January 23. This is a phenomenon called a Polar night, where the sun is not seen for a 24 hour period. I guess to them, December is a Polar Month.

4,000 people live in this town and they say they are used to it by now. You may be wondering, since the sun sets for months in the winter, is the opposite true for the summer? The answer is yes. In the summer there are roughly 80 straight days where it's sunshine all day long.

Utquigvik is the most northern town in the United States, roughly 2,000 miles from Seattle. Due to the intense weather, if you are outside without gloves you can get frostbite in minutes.

All food coming in to the town has to be flown in due to its isolation and is marked up to insane prices. But it has one of the highest median incomes in the country with the average person making $83,000 a year to make up for the high cost of living. The average family will spend $500 on groceries a week. Gas is typically above $6 a gallon.

Tourism, believe it or not, is a huge part of the town. People come from all over to learn about the heritage of the Inupiat. The town is also home to an air force base, and the high school even has a football team that plays on artificial turf.


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