What could be cuter than pet pics?  How about an Instagram page solely dedicated to one particular K9 who serves Cumberland County, Maine, and the Maine State Police?

Please welcome Otto to the force, a beautiful German Shepherd from Croatia. K9 Otto has been with his partner, Officer Kaitlyn Sawyer, since 2019, while she was working for Kennebunk Police Department.  They are a team and go everywhere together.

Officer Sawyer and K9 Otto came to the Cumberland, Maine, Police Department in May, and are finding so many ways to help the community.

Otto is a dual purpose pup, helping with drug detections and general patrol.  According the the Cumberland, Maine, Police Department Facebook page, Kaitlyn says Otto is a real goon.  He does his job well, but loves to goof around, too.


The Instagram-worthy dog is making a name for himself on social media.  He never leaves Officer Sawyer's side, but is so darn cute, you can't resist clicking the "follow" button under "Cumberland_K9Otto" on Instagram.

The police department welcomed Officer Sawyer and K9 Otto in May, and talked of the pair's many accomplishments.

K9 Otto is a highly motivated, play-driven GSD, coming from a long line of working dogs. To date, they have assisted local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in drug seizures, evidence recovery, locating lost individuals, and tracking suspects involved in criminal investigations.

Cumberland_K9Otto via Instagram
Cumberland_K9Otto via Instagram

They are doing good work in Cumberland and all of Maine, and look forward to serving the people of Maine in the future.  Officer Sawyer has a keen interest in helping people, as she was given the Caring About Lives in Maine Award this year for promoting suicide prevention, and assisting survivors in the aftermath of a suicide.

So next time you need a smile, head over to this K9's Instagram account and look at the photos. They are worth it.

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