This past weekend I had some time to kill so I took advantage of my unlimited movie pass at Regal Cinema and saw 2 movies. This is my review of Abominable, the newest feature from Dreamworks.

Abominable follows Yi, a teenage girl still recovering from the loss of her father who discovers an escaped abominable snowman she names Everest. Yi, her friends Pang, and Jin, must venture across China to get Everest home. While adventuring across the land, they are pursued by Burnish, and Dr. Zura, the people who Everest escaped from to begin with.

Currently sitting at an 80% approval from rotten tomatoes, Abominable is a movie for all ages filled with humor, a good story, and visuals that are top notch. While not as good as more recent Dreamworks films like How to Train Your Dragon, and the Kung Fu Panda series, Abominable is definitely worth the trip to the movies if you are looking for a family friendly movie to see.

In my final opinion, I say it gets a ticket.

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