Tim McGraw would never promote drinking and driving, but he's not afraid to drive a drink around. On social media, the singer shared a funny behind-the-scenes story from Friday Night Lights, his 2004 movie with Billy Bob Thornton.

Explaining that two or three days would sometimes pass on set without having to film anything, McGraw remembers how he filled the time. This isn't uncommon on a movie set, he shares — actors are required to stand by in case something changes and they are needed.

"I had bought these remote control cars," he begins, telling the story.

Innocent enough, right? No harm there, but remember, this is from a time before McGraw quit drinking.

"The three cars were neck and neck the whole time, so we started making martinis," the "7500 OBO" singer adds, "And then we would set the martinis on top of the car. The goal was to win the race without spilling your martini."

No one else from the movie is incriminated in his BTS hijinks story, but he does go out of his way to praise Thornton, the film's lead actor. At the time, McGraw was a very new actor in need of advice. "He said, 'Look, if you think you're not doing enough you're probably still doing too much,'" McGraw shares.

That resonated with the country star, who would soon land larger roles with movies like The Blind Side and Country Strong.

This winter, he and Thornton are set to appear in another major screen production when the Yellowstone prequel 1883 begins. Per IMDB, Thornton plays Marshal Jim Courtright, while McGraw and wife Faith Hill play James and Margaret Dutton, great-grandparents to Yellowstone's John Dutton. Sam Elliott will also star in the Paramount+ show.

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