In September of 2016, 8 year old Bridget Kelly was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia; and was forced to spend 88 days in the Boston Children's Hospital undergoing chemotherapy and other surgeries. They say for the majority of her treatments her entire life was spend either at home or in the hospital, she missed school, birthday parties, soccer or dances.

After 15 long months of isolation from fear of contracting germs, her parents decided it was time for her to return to school. It was a nerve wracking day for her and her family as they prepared for her return, but their fear turned to tears when they saw what was waiting for them. According to Sunny Skyz they were greeted by Teachers, police officers, classmates and their parents waiting patiently outside of Merrymount Elementary School in Quincy, Massachusetts, for the third-grader's arrival, holding signs of welcome and encouragement. The entire thing was set up by one of Bridgets classmates who initially invited 50 people, but over 150 showed to up to welcome this girl back to school.

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