Every summer for the past 5 years, Charlie Poveromo has set out "Charlie's Cooler" a cooler filled with chilled water, Gatorade, and other assorted beverages for local workers. It initially started when he saw how dejected the garbage men in the area looked during a major city heatwave years ago. In the following summers word got out and eventually firemen, police, mail workers, landscapers, and garbage collectors would stop by to greet him and his wife to share their appreciation and get themselves a cold beverage.

Tragedy struck in March of this year when Charlie passed away from a heart attack. No one really knew what was going to happen with Charlie's cooler after his death until his wife of 37 years stepped in. She shared her husbands story of paying it forward on Facebook and from there people all over the country began sharing their own Charlie's Cooler, set up outside their homes.


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