Tom Brady is getting ready to play in his 7th Super Bowl and he owns more playoff wins than 25 teams do during their history of the league. He has effectively played two seasons in the postseason, but for some reason, if you’re not in New England, people love to hate Brady.

It comes down to people love to hate a winner, and Brady is that and more. Think about it, Brady has never electrocuted a dog, never knelt for the National Anthem or killed two club-goers and his friend. He never beat up Gisele in an elevator and dragged her into the lobby unconscious.

He keeps his body in great shape and at 39 years old he is playing like he’s 29. He’s dedicated, determined and committed, all qualities everyone wishes they had and most only dream of having, yet, outside of New England, people hate him.

It come down to the fact that most people hate winners yet it’s not a sin to win.

Super Bowl prediction: Patriots 35, Falcons 31.


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