Sure, Jake Owen is known for his laid-back beach vibe -- and of course we've got his beachin' days covered in this list -- but he also knows how to insert his quirky sense of humor and deep emotional depth into music videos that span just a few minutes.

Skintight leather pants, flip-flops, Owen's mom and real people going through extremely tough times all make an appearance on The Boot's list of Owen's best music videos.

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    "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"

    Filmed at Center Hill Lake in Middle Tennessee, Owen's "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" clip was already set up for success thanks to its gorgeous setting. But when you add Owen and all of their friends into the mix, you get a video that will have you craving cold beer, golden sunshine and a boat to ride.

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    "Eight Second Ride"

    We had to include "Eight Second Ride" among Owen's best music videos; after all, it's where he met his (now ex-)wife, Lacey Buchanan. The gorgeous model is hot, hot, hot, and all eyes are on her when she walks into the bar during the clip. With skintight leather pants and a dazzling figure, she captures everyone's attention, including Owen's ... and he ended up with her in the video and in real life.

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    Owen's "Beachin'" video encompasses a perfect date: soaking up the sun at the beach, Skee-Ball, ice cream, an impromptu dance party in a diner and margaritas are all featured activities. Owen filmed this clip in Daytona Beach and premiered it in November of 2013 -- when the warm temperatures and board shorts looked like absolute heaven to snowed-in fans.

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    "What We Ain't Got"

    The "What We Ain't Got" video dropped in August of 2014 and, just like the song, was a surprise due to its somber content; in fact, the video is unlike anything else that Owen's put out. It's a simple video with an unbelievably deep, emotional draw: As Owen sings, several people are shown, each with their own burdens to carry. Among them is Travis Meadows, one of the song's writers, who penned the tune from his personal experience with addiction and separating from his wife and son. A cancer survivor, a paralyzed woman, a child who lost his father in war and more -- none of them actors -- are also shown. The video is tough to watch but is also the perfect visual to a deeply insightful song.

    “I think it was just important to have real people and real scenarios in this song to help with the message of it,” Owen explains.

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    "Real Life"

    Owen's "Real Life" video is real fun -- and we love it so much that it tops this list. It's a little crazy, hilariously funny and the type of video you can't look away from -- because you might miss the talking (and taxidermied) squirrel. Or NASCAR star Kevin Harvick. Or Owen's twin brother Jerrod and Mama Owen.

    "I wanted to make [the video] over-the-top literal, but I also wanted people to watch it and have to go back and watch it again and see something that they didn't see the first time," Owen explained when the video was released.

    Oh, and did we mention that a piece of this clip was filmed inside a Waffle House restaurant? Pass the syrup and press replay!

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