Amazing to think, the two bestselling books on Amazon right now, are adult coloring books.  By ‘adult’ they mean ‘grown-up’, they have more complex patterns, designs and images.

In America the top 2 bestselling books are coloring books and in Britain 4 of the top 10 are coloring books. The Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest are at the top spot.

Adult coloring books give people a chance to get away from technology and sit and relax with crayons or felt-tip markets and relax. It brings back memories of childhood too, days when you would be in your room coloring.

When the books were released, publishers knew they would be beautifully illustrated but didn’t have a clue they would be so popular. The books are super intricate and made for adults. The coloring books also provide adults with a form of therapy to treat stress, anxiety and depression.


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