According to Cory Froomkin's weather blog on News Center Maine's website, travel during tomorrow's pounding from winter storm Harper could be "very dangerous to near impossible". When I read that it really got me thinking. Aside from medical emergencies, should we even consider leaving the safe confines of our homes? Probably not. I've always been the type that no matter the weather conditions I would venture our for the silliest things with no care in the world because "I have a big truck and winter tires" and "there won't be anyone else on the road". Well, when you add up all the people who think that way, there's probably a whole lot of us country boys out there toolin' in the snow, when, in all reality, we should be doing our best to leave the roads clear for the DOT and town plow officials who need the space and time to move all this snow around.

Even though I plow several driveways, including the transmitter locations for our radio stations, I don't plan on leaving until the snow is winding down- unless of course I have a friend or a neighbor with an emergency and they need to be cleared out. Other than that? My butt will be sitting in this very chair I'm writing this blog from!

Stay safe everyone- see ya on the other side of Winter Storm Harper! Go Pats!

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