A few days ago I wrote a story about the Duguay family from Turner, who had found an image of the Virgin Mary in a box of Dots that they had bought at an Auburn Rite Aid. A website, CorporateMal.com is skeptical of the Duguay's find, comparing the photo to a small Virgin Mary candy mold sold on eBay by A World of Moulds in the United Kingdom.Desmond Duguay and his wife Amy of Turner, are saying that the candy is no hoax. Duguay tells the Lewiston Sun Journal, 'I bought the box unopened, we did not modify the Dot one bit.'

The Duguay's listed the 'Holy Dot' on eBay, and after 42 bids the first two days that it was listed, the auction has stalled at $215, with three days left to go.

The infamous piece of candy is being stored in their freezer for safe keeping.