Two teens were charged with theft, after attempting to shoplift bodybuilding supplements values at $130 at Rite Aid in Rumford. The teen suspects rode bicycles to Rite Aid in Rumford, entered the store and tried to steal a 2-pound bottle of Muscle Building Milkshake, priced at $26; a 2.5-pound bottle of Creatine, priced at $22; and a bottle of N.O.Xplode, priced at $73.Rumford police Sgt.Douglas Maifeld, tells the Lewiston Sun-Journal, that store employees interrupted the attempt, but the suspects got away, only to be arrested by Mexico and Rumford police.

The 15-year old and 17-year old were charged with theft by unauthorized taking and conditionally released to their parents with court dates later this spring.

Maifeld asked one of the kids why they took the supplements, and he said they were trying to beef up.

What do you think, are they troubled teens or do you think there is too much pressure for teens to look fit?