If you live in New England, you love Walmart. That's just the way it is. You may say that you don't like Walmart for various reasons, but deep down, you really do love the place.

Sure, we all love supporting our locally-owned businesses, and we all love ordering certain things online, but nothing beats the convenience of zipping to Walmart for a few things.  Ya know, a pair of jeans, a bread pudding, a diamond ring, some cleaning supplies, and an extra air fryer (you can't have too many of those).

If you are a regular shopper at Walmart, and you are a bargain hunter, there are some new rules you are going to want to take note of.

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Walmart's New Policy

According to Coupons In The News (yes, it is a real website), a few months ago Walmart quietly updated its coupon policy.  The biggest change has to do with getting money back on coupons.

Apparently, if you brought in a coupon that had enough value to take the price of the product into the negative they would actually GIVE you change BACK!

Not anymore.

With the policy change, they have done away with that perk.  You could still end up paying nothing for a specific item, but you will not be getting cash back.

Honestly, we are kind of surprised that they ever did that to begin with.

Other Walmart Policy Updates

The article also says that Walmart is now putting a limit on the number of identical coupons a given household can use in a day.  So, if you have typically used a wad of the same coupon in order to stock up on certain products, you will no longer be able to do that.

They have also put a stop to coupon overrides.  In the past, the cashier/manager could override a cash register to allow the acceptance of a coupon.  They are no longer able to do that.

If you frequently use coupons at Walmart, it would not hurt to familiarize yourself with the current policies.  You can find them HERE

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