Japan Airlines has just announced a very interesting  give away of 50,000 free round-trip tickets to be used this coming summer from July 1 to September 30.

This is all to divert tourism outside of Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics.

Now there are a few catches, but hey, its a free trip to Japan.

On the Japan Airlines website, they explain that when contestants send in their application form, they will see a list of four possible destinations where they could be sent. On the application you will choose where you’re departing city is, the day, the number of people traveling, up to four peeps and the time of day you prefer to depart.

If they pick you, you will receive an email a few days later, letting you know, you won and where you’re going.

You can't submit your application until February so there is still time to do your research now...and let the dreaming begin.



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