Maine Game Wardens feel confident they know the location of the snowmobiles used by three men missing after being out on Rangeley Lake last month. Officials are still searching for the bodies. The search could get a boost with the use of a new underwater remote controlled vehicle.

They are hopeful that the recent warm weather created more open water and will help in the search for the snowmobilers’ remains. Wardens did not say when the vehicle will be put in the water.

The search has been slow. The efforts have been suspended several times due to water and weather conditions.

There has been some controversy as well about the Snodeo Event later this month in Rangeley.  Some feel that it should be called off while the bodies of those missing are still in the lake.  Some feel it should go on as planned.  Snodeo events happen mostly on land, not the lake, and they have added events to remember the snowmobilers who are lost.

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