One of the great things about life in the 21st century is how we can almost always get our hands on whatever type of fresh fruit we want.  The idea that some fruits and vegetables have a "season" rarely ever effects your ability to get them anymore.

Of course, despite that fact, most of us would agree that the one fruit that epitomizes summer in Maine has got to be the watermelon.  The juiciest of all fruits is also one of the sweetest.

Now, we are hearing there is a good reason to keep a close eye on your watermelons for signs they are "foaming"


What Would Make A Watermelon Foam?

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, some people in Maine have reported finding white foam coming out of their watermelons.

The article goes on to explain that the foam is caused by the beginning of the fermentation process.  Typically, this would not happen until the fruit got old and started to rot.  However, due to the warmer temperatures across most of the country, including areas where watermelons are grown, have caused the melons to ferment while still on the vines.


Why Is The Foam A Concern?

First, the foam is made from a sugary liquid.  As a result, when it gets on the counter, the floor, your fridge, or you it will leave a sticky residue.

More concerning, though, is the fact that once the watermelons start to ferment they become the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria.  And, if you ingest that bacteria, it can make you really sick.


Will They Explode?

Yes!  The article explains that, under the right conditions, a fermenting watermelon will actually explode if you cut into it

Check out this video of a watermelon exploding:

If you find that one of your watermelons has started fermenting, please just throw it out.  Don't even bother taking it back to the store.  Just toss it out!

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