Faster than a speeding bullet. Quicker than a squirrel risking its life crossing the street and narrowly avoiding being flattened by an oncoming vehicle at the very last second. More powerful than a rocket headed to space.

It's not Superman.

But it is a Boston Police officer going down a children's slide at the new, improved, and renovated City Hall Plaza in Boston.

Boston Radio Watch via Twitter
Boston Radio Watch via Twitter

Boston City Hall Plaza

According to Boston 25 News, City Hall Plaza in Boston was given a sweet little makeover and upgrade this past fall, including a new massive metal slide.

Boston 25 News states that right next to the slide -- which is supposed to be relegated for use by children exclusively -- there is a sign that says the slide is for children ages 2-12.

But, honestly, who doesn't want to be a kid again and re-live their youth and go down what is probably one of -- if not, the -- sexiest slide in New England? In fact, even Boston City Councilor Erin Murphy went down the slide last fall.

Boston Police Officer Slide Video

Although it's not known exactly when the video was taken, within the last couple of days, a Boston Police officer has gone viral for his trip down the City Hall Plaza slide.

And by trip, we mean a monumental, insane, hilarious (only because whatever injuries he sustained haven't kept him from still reporting for duties, which means he's okay and not seriously injured), and epically viral trip down the slide.

*AUTHOR'S NOTE: NSFW language heard at the end of the video*

In fact, the video has gone so viral that even former NHL player (and Boston native) Ryan Whitney posted the video on his X page, but was asked to remove it.

Boston Slide Video Fallout

According to Boston 25 News, there hasn't really been any negative fallout from the video at all. The officer -- who was on duty at the time -- hasn't been suspended and as previously mentioned, hasn't missed any work.

But let's be real, there shouldn't be any fallout from this. Had the slide not spat him out like someone in a snot rocket contest, this video would've been as wholesome and beloved as one of those videos of a police officer taking a few minutes during a slow shift to shoot hoops with some community kids.

Instead, he thankfully only got a skinned knee and we got endless hours of looped-video comedy to get us through the work week. Everyone wins.

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