Let’s see if we can remember every single release date The New Mutants has had and missed. (It’s not going to be easy.) Shot in 2018, the movie was first scheduled for a release in April 2018 by 20th Century Fox. April 2018 became February 2019, which then became August 2019. All the while, Disney was in the process of acquiring Fox, which caused more delays. August 2019 became April 2020 — and then, when the coronavirus pandemic struck, the movie got pushed back yet again to August 28, 2020.

That brings us to today. (I think. I may have for gotten seven or eight release dates along the way.) Today was The New MutantsComic-Con At Home panel and, shockingly, Disney did not announce yet another delay. Instead, they maintained that August 28 release date with this winking graphic:

20th Century
20th Century

The entire 30-minute panel is available on YouTube. There’s some fan art, some Q&A with director Josh Boone and the cast, and then probably the most interesting thing for fans: About five minutes of footage from the opening of the movie, which features Blu Hunt’s Dani Moonstar on the run from ... something that destroys her family’s home. Then there’s a montage of tons of new footage from the film, which features a lot of special effects, and makes it clear that the story is heavily inspired by the famous “Demon Bear Saga” from classic New Mutants comics.

Watch for yourself below:

“The Demon Bear Saga” by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkiewicz (who joined part of the Comic-Con panel) is probably the most famous New Mutants storyline. It’s interesting to see those images replicated in CGI, and they do make me a little more curious to see the movie when it (maybe?) opens in theaters on August 28.

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