It's kind of hard to believe that it has been two years since Mason Ramsey, the yodeling kid at Walmart, became an internet celebrity.

In just a few days in March of 2018, he went from being some kid singing a Hank Williams Sr song at Walmart, to being known nationwide, to being a guest on Ellen.  According to Wikipedia, he was even signed to a record deal by Big Loud.  In late April of 2018, he released a song called "Famous".  Then, he kind of disappeared...

Well, he's back!

This time, he is appearing in a new commercial for fast food chain Burger King.  And, it is VERY strange.

Yes, he really is singing about how Burger King plans to combat the dangers of cow farts.  The song explains that adding lemongrass to the cow's diets help reduces bovine flatulence by 1/3.

Before you say that this commercial is going to spell the end of the talented young man's career, you need to remember that before Hootie And The Blowfish's Darius Rucker launched his country career, he did a Burger King commercial.

In Rucker's commercial, he sang about chicken breasts growing on trees.  No, really!

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