Yesterday, 5 members of our Townsquare family gathered together for a fun game of kickball against other businesses in the area. It was a very fun time, but i spent 99% of my time very confused. Most people play kickball with the same rules as baseball, kick the ball, then you run around the bases, if you make it home you get a point. WELL, in this convoluted kickball game, if you rounded the bases, you stayed at home, then when the next person kicked and you got to run again. This pattern continues until there are 3 outs.

It's a high intensity cardio kickball, AKA the worst words in the english language! The best part of running is being able to stop running, but this game makes it so you can't stop until someone unathletic steps up to the plate.

I had fun, but i'm still tired. Thank you KVYMCA for giving us the chance to play.

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