For years, Sharon Hood & Dixon Road have been a staple of live music in Central Maine.  Well, if we are being honest, they have been a staple of live music across New England.

While they can normally be found playing local venues, like Crystal Falls, and local events, like our Summer Fun Concert Series (formerly Waterfront Wednesday), they have been known to play all over Maine, New Hampshire, and beyond.  Sharon and her entire band are not just great musicians, they are true performers who know how to work a crowd!

Music and entertaining people is in her blood.  On top of being a musician for decades,  she also spent a few years as a morning show DJ for B98.5 - Central Maine's Number One For New Country.

Over the weekend, Sharon Hood took to Facebook to make an announcement we hoped we'd never hear.  The band is calling it quits.

In a very emotional Facebook video, she explained that she has been playing in bands for 32 years  -  since she was just 17 years old.  Even though she loves making music, because it involves working many nights and weekends, there is a lot of stuff that she has not had a chance to do.  She and her husband have been married for nearly a decade and there are lot of things that they want to do.  They want to travel more, see things they have not had a chance to see, take weekend getaways, etc.

She goes on to thank the members of her band and all of her fans.

Check out the video:

Fortunately, she did say that she is not done with music.  She does still plan to perform, but it will be on a less frequent basis.

The last gig for Sharon Hood & Dixon Road will be on New Years' Eve at Crystal Falls Chelsea.

As fans of her music, we wish Sharon and her band all the best.

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