This time of the identity theft can be at an all time high. To protect yourself from identity theft there are a few steps you can take with one of the most important being what you carry in your wallet. Men and Women carry some form of a wallet with all your important information contained inside. Most people have two credit cards, driver license, social security card, some even carry their passport. Some of these are good things to carry, others are bad. Experts say you should only carry one credit card at a time which will help you from over-extending your buying and make it easier to cancel a card if it’s stolen.
You should always carry some cash in your wallet to prevent from using your ATM or credit card for small purchases like gum.  Receipts are o.k. to carry for a while but you should clean your wallet out daily, save them till the end of the month, and then use them to check your monthly statements.

You should never carry your social security card, which is the number one thing not to carry, if thieves get a hold of your social security number, the skies the limit on what they can use it for.

Other things not carry, old hotel card keys, expired membership cards and anything else expired or un-necessary. They say if you have a hard time deciding what not to carry, buy a smaller wallet.