The most famous New Year’s Eve celebration is New York City’s Times Square. The Times Square ball dropping is not the only thing that drops on New Year’s Eve.

Here are some other city’s that drop things on the big night.

Eastport, Me. Drops a sardine on New Year’s eve because of the areas sardine fishing and canning roots. Eastport also drops a Maple Leaf as a friendly gesture to their Canadian neighbors.

Bethlehem, Pa. drops a marshmallow peep. Bethlehem is home to Peep’s parent company, Just Born so they drop an 85-pound illuminated peep to mark the New Year.

Eastover, N.C. drops an oversize Flea. It’s a 3-foot tall, 30-pound ceramic flea. The only reason people can up with as to why the town drops a flea is the place was once known as Flea Hill.

Mobile, Al. drops a Moon Pie that weighs 600 pounds. It’s electronic, not edible.

Prairie Du Chien, Wis. drops a Dead Carp. It is a real dead carp that is lowered onto a throne to celebrate the New Year.

Panama City Beach, Fl. uses a Giant Beach ball to celebrate the day. It’s an 800-pound beach ball that drops at midnight to celebrate New Year’s Eve and the tourist industry in the city.

Havre De Grace, Md. a glowing Duck Decoy is dropped because the town is home to the Duck Decoy Museum.

Atlanta, Ga. has a Giant Peach because they are the peach state. They say if you’re not in New York City for New Year’s Eve this is the place to be for the largest celebration in the southeast.

Manhattan, Ks. uses a brightly-lit Red Delicious apple. The town is nicknamed ‘Little Apple.’

Lebanon, Pa. drops 200 pounds of Bologna because in that town bologna is a big deal.

Nashville. Tn. uses a Music Note which is nod to the city’s nickname, Music City.

There are a lot more strange things that are used to bring in the New Year. Check out more here:

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