Circus Tiger
Getty Images, photo by China Photos

Going to the Shrine Circus and watching the tigers perform can be an exciting event to watch, but finding a Shine Circus tiger in the bathroom at the stadium would be a little unnerving, to say the least. That’s exactly what happened to Jenna Krehbiel and her daughter this past Saturday at the Bicentennial Center in Selina, Kansas. The tiger somehow wondered away after it performed in the show and ended up in the bathroom.

When Krehbiel walked into the bathroom she found herself only 2 feet away from the tiger as it started walking toward her. Chris Bird, manager of the center said it was lucky no one was hurt and the tiger was caught within minutes and returned to its pen. Krehbiel said it was a scary moment for her and all she was thinking at the time was to get out of the bathroom, but her 3 year old daughter had a different thought, she was worried that Mom didn’t wash her hands before  leaving the bathroom.

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