Well, looks like someone can afford a nice dinner upstairs at Melville's.

The Cheers bar recently went up for auction, and its value wasn't lost on the highest bidder. Let's start by saying they paid just a bit more than Sam Malone did to buy it back in 1990...

According to Heritage Auctions, the set sold for $675,000. So, if you're going to visit the buyer, you might want to put a coaster under that cold one.

The auction coincided with the 30th anniversary of the sitcom’s final episode, which aired in 1993. The show, set in Boston, went out as the #1 rated program on television. The decision to end the show came after its star, Ted Danson, announced his departure in 1992, and plans to have his sidekick Woody take over never came to pass.

Perhaps someone at NBC had the same fears I do about the true, creepy origins of Woody Harrelson’s breakthrough character.

The live finale celebration was hosted by Andover native Jay Leno on his Tonight Show, which broadcast from outside the Cheers bar in downtown Boston. The episode featured cameos from the Kennedys, as well as local athletes such as Kevin McHale, Roger Clemens, and Wade Boggs.

More recently, cast members reunited on the "Today" Show.

Though Cheers was never rebooted (nor were any official reunions produced), many characters reconvened on the spinoff series Frasier (which has not only been recently rebooted, but will also be set in Boston.)

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