Just because the economy is kind of wonky these days, it does not mean that you should do nothing but work and sit at home doing nothing (except eating ramen).  You should still get out and do things.  You just need to keep an eye out for those deals.

Well, we've got one for you.  Actually, it is the return of a deal that used to be really popular prior to the pandemic.

According to the restaurant chain's website, Applebee's has announced the return of the Dollarita.  What is that, you ask?  It is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a sweet & sour, chilled to perfection, margarita that only costs a buck!

Even better, these are not a special that is only available for an hour on some random night.  These dollar margaritas are available all day, every day.  The only catch is that the restaurant is only doing them through the month of October.

The drink special should be available at all locations, but there is a chance that a location here or there may not be participating.  So, keep that in mind.

Google Maps
Google Maps

And, of course, please enjoy them (and all alcoholic beverages) responsibly.  Designate a driver, etc.

Back in the day (ya' know, before March of 2020), Applebee's did these promotions on the regular.  They would have a different one each month.  Margaritas one month, rum punch the next month, etc.  Hopefully, this is a sign that they will continue to do them.

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