Julian Edleman allowed talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres the honor of cutting his iconic beard on her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, last week. Many fans have felt like something has been missing since the shaving, but fear not, Edleman's trimmings can be yours and will benefit charity!

CharityBuzz.com has the listing for the beard. The auction is to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. The bid is currently at 4 digits and will be active until the afternoon of February 22nd.

It looks like the beard isn't the only prize. According to ChairtyBuzz, if you're the winning bidder you'll get "the trimmings of Edleman's hair that were shaved off on the show, kept within a resealable zipper storage bag. You'll also receive a photograph of the trim in progress, autographed by Ellen DeGeneres."

My question is, what would one do with the trimmings? Add to a shrine? Creepy doll? Shadowbox? Clone him?

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