Customs officials at O’Hare airport in Chicago had quite a discovery as they seized 18 human heads during a routine X-ray screening.  When the news first broke about the heads, headlines where wondering where they came from. Turns out, they were coming from Italy to Illinois for cremation. There was a mix-up in the paperwork and that’s where the holdup occurred.  The heads where shipped to Italy to be used in training by dentists, neurologist and Alzheimer’s research. The heads where first discovered in mid-December and taken to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office to be kept in the morgue cooler until the paperwork could be straightened out. Vice President of the Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois says his company ships about 450 cadavers to medical schools each year including individual body parts like heads.  The heads in question were originally shipped from Illinois, so they were shipped back for cremation.