Rush Week is over and not a moment too soon! It is kind of a cruel way to form the top 13, as ten contestants didn't even get a chance to sing to make into the top 13. Here's who made the top 13 and my odds of them winning.1. Dexter Robert: Odds of winning 30%. Likeable, big base of country music fans, good singer.
2. Sam Wolfe: Odds of winning 28%. Poised, great voice, marketable.
3. Majesty Rose: Odds of winning 27%. Best of the ladies, likeable, artistic, powerful vocals.
4. M.K. Nobilette: Odds of winning 25%. Different, good tone.
5. Ben Briley: Odds of winning 23%. Will get votes from country fans and rock fans. Good performer, good voice.
6. Emily Piriz:Odds of winning 21%. Marketable, strong voice, a dark horse to watch out for.
7. C.J. Harris: Odds of winning 18%. Shocked that he wasn't voted into the top ten. I find him likeable, good raspy tone.
8. Alex Preston: Odds of winning 17%. The anti-Idol contestant. Doesn't have the look, quirky voice, but talented.
9. Jessica Muese: Odds of winning 14%. She comes across as unlikeable. Could gets votes if she keeps singing country.
10. Caleb Johnson: Odds of winning 13%. He can rock. Way over the top performer.
11. Kristen O'Connor: Odds of winning 12%. Marketable and talented. Surprised she was a wildcard and not voted into the top ten. Could be a dark horse.
12. Jena Irene: Odds of winning 10%. Big voice but comes across as somewhat unlikeable. People are tired of 'it's Gina not Jenna.'
13. Mayala Watson: Odds of winning 9%. Bubbly, energy. Really don't think she is strong enough vocally. Could make the top ten with her personality.

So who do you think will win? Who do you want to win?