They say you never forget how to ride a bike, and that you never forget your first love. Then why does it seem I always forget how to do my taxes every year? I finally made my way to the Federal Building right down the street from the radio station, and grabbed as many tax booklets and forms as I could. I knew that I'd make some mistakes and I am never sure which form I'll need to use!So many choices, 1040ez, 1040a, 1040 long form, then there is all those other things like earner income, deductions, it's enough to give you a headache.

I can only imagine if I had a large income, stocks, dependents, bank interests, charitable deductions and so on, how much more difficult it would be to do my taxes.

There are several options to get your taxes done.

A) Do them yourself

B) Go to an accountant or tax prep service

C) Go online to

I usually try to get my taxes done in early February, so I can get my return by the time property taxes are do in March. That won't be happening this year. So, my Sunday will be busy with taxes forms all over my living room floor, trying to hunt down a calculator and making sure everything is filled out and signed properly.

How do you get your taxes done?