Are you ready to rock? That's what American Idol wanted to know last night. Did the Idols deliver? Read the rest of my recap and find out.Burnell Taylor - 'You Give Love A Bad Name' - Vocally he tried to sing like a rock star instead of singing it in a style that he was more comfortable with. It translated to an uncomfortable performance, add the fact that he performed first and Burnell could be in danger.

Kree Harrison - 'Piece Of My Heart' -Kree singing Janis Joplin, it sounds like this should be a home run, instead it was a ground rule double. Kree's voice was solid but not spectacular and come to find out, she was suffering from a pinched nerve. Still, she's one of the best of the top seven and should be safe.

Janelle Arthur -'You May Be Right'- Our sweet, southern belle singing Billy Joel and guess what it worked! Janelle is a natural on stage and is just very likeable. I think Janelle is gaining fan support as the show progresses. I think she's safe.

Lazaro Arbos - 'We Are The Champions' - I am thinking oh no, and it started off very shaky, but I'll give Lazaro credit, he got better as the song went on. The duet with Angie, review is further down, could be his downfall. I think Lazaro could be in trouble.

Candice Glover - 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction' Rocking some Stones with silky, smooth soul.Candice is a powerhouse and I really liked her performance. I have a feeling though that Candice might be in the bottom three.

Amber Holcomb - ' What About Now' I think Amber is the most underrated contestant this season. The judges love her, but she's been in the bottom three once this season and she seems to have a disconnect with the audience. The show really seemed to heap the praised on her and her sister, who is in the army, being in the audience can't hurt for votes. I will guess that she's safe.

Angie Miller - ' Bring Me To Life' - Angie brought the goods last night. The only thing I could nit-pick about is she sang this song too pretty and not with enough sorrow in her voice. I think she's safe.

The Group/Duet songs:

To fill two hours, the show has three groups songs within the top seven. Note to American Idol, just have each contestant sing two songs instead.

Angie & Lazaro - Singing 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' Guess what? Lazaro forgot some of the lyrics again. Their voices didn't really mesh well. Angie sounded good but didn't seem to sing much and watching Lazaro perform on American Idol has kind of become like watching a skit on SNL.

Burnell and Candice - Singing 'The Letter' this song let them infuse it with some soul and it was my favorite group song of the night.

Kree, Janelle and Amber - Singing ' It's Still Rock n Roll To Me' They all sing well, but the song really isn't designed to show off a strong vocal. I actually agreed with Nicki when she said it was cheesy. It sounded like 'Glee' doing a Billy Joel tribute.

My guess for the bottom three. Lazaro, Burnell and Candice with Burnell leaving and a 50/50 chance that the judges use their save.

On the results show tonight, Carrie Underwood and Casey James will be singing live! Maybe setting up country week next week.

Who do you think should be leaving tonight?

Here was my favorite performance from last night.