Final judgement on American Idol continues and we left off with a cliffhanger on Wednesday night, Casey Thrasher and C.J. Harris were asked to sing again for the judges. The show opens with the judges telling Casey that he made it, does that mean C.J. didn't make the cut?Psych, C.J. made it! I was happy with the choice, they are two of my favorites.

Here's who made it to the top 30.


1. Marialle Sellers: Her solo wasn't that great, but the judges put her through.
2. Jena Ascuitto: It's pronounced Gina, we get it, her solo was one of the best.
3. Majesty Rose York: Clearly one of the favorites.
4. Brandy Neelly: Full, rich voice, I'll be rooting for her.
5. Briana Oakley: Very talented and composed.
6. Kenzie Hall: Marketable, but shows signs of letting the competition getting to her.
7. Austin Wolfe: Pleasant voice, marketable, people will love her.
8. Emiy Piriz: One of my favorites.
9. Jillian Jensen: Was on the X-Factor. Good voice.
10. Malaya Jensen: I think she good, just too young and not at the level of some of the others.
11. Bria Anai: Very good, could be a top six contestant.
12. Jessica Meuse: Sounds a little like Stevie Nicks, comes off as unlikeable.
13. M.K. Nobilette: Too coffee shop sounding.
14. Kristen O'Connor: The nurse with a golden voice. I like her!
15. Andrina Brogden: Just alright dawg, nod to Randy Jackson.


1. Casey Thrasher: Great back story, country singer, should develop a strong fan base.
2. C.J., Harris: Might be the most likeable contestant. Reminds me of Darius Rucker.
3. Caleb Johnson: Over the top, big voice, reminds me of Meatloaf. Not my cup of tea.
4. Ethan Harris: Pleasant voice but a light-weight voice. I don't see him going far.
5. Briston Maroney: I just don't get the love for this guy. Way too off pitch and quirky. Back Story will get him votes.
6. Spencer Lloyd: Good voice, marketable.
7. George Lovett: Great voice, darkhorse.
8. Sam Woolf: Solid voice, marketable, likeable, should make top ten.
9. Maurice Townsend: Good voice, good stage presence, not sure if he is marketable.
10. Emmanuel Zidor: Should not be in the top 15. Way over the top.
11. Jordan Brisbane: Not that good, too young, shouldn't have made the top 15.
12. Malcolm Allen: Soild voice, not going to advance that far.
13. Alex Preston: Different, makes weird faces while he sings, not a big voice, but not awful.
14. Dexter Roberts: The farm kid, pure country. One of my favorites!
15. Ben Briley or Neco Starr: I think they should dump Emmanuel or Jordan and let them both through. I'll take Ben over Neco.

Live shows start on Tuesday with the guys, girls sing on Wednesday and results on Thursday.

Here's one of my favorites, Dexter Roberts.