Rush Week began on 'American Idol', The Top 15 Ladies sit awaiting to hear if the judges choose them into the top ten and to perform after learning they made the top ten. I disagreed with the judges choices often and the performances overall were not very strong. Let's recap.Randy Jackson along with American Idol alums, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert, coached the contestants. This was something I think will add to the show.

Show the judges start naming the top ten ladies:

1. Majesty Rose: No shocker here! She has clearly been one of the judges favorites since the start, and with good reason. Majesty was poised, strong vocally and very likeable.
2. Kristen O'Connor: The nurse made it! I have liked her so far and this performance just cemented my thoughts. Very good tone and voice.
3. Briana Oakley: Good choice for the top ten. Very strong voice but she doesn't seem to relate to the core of the Idol audience.
4. Jena Irene: She did her version of the Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black' and it didn't quite work for me. I think she has a 50/50 chance of advancing.
5. Bria Anai: She is a diva that didn't deliver. She was impressive during Hollywood Week, but last night, she over sang the song and the judges called her on it.
6. Marielle Sellars: Diva part two and again a disaster. She sang Katy Perry's 'Roar'. It was karaoke, not sung in tone. Not good.
7. Jessica Muese: The Stevie Nicks sound-a-like, sang Luke Bryan's 'Drink A Beer'. It was just fair at best. Plus she is very unlikable.
8. Emily Piriz: She sang and performed well. She was one of my favorites from Hollywood Week and she was good but not great.
9. MK Nobilette: She has a good tone to her voice but not much range. She sang her song well and the judges loved her. She did well enough to make the top ten.
10. Malaya Watson: The high school student tuba player. She's too young for the competition, in my opinion. She over sang the song and wasn't that good. She's very likeable though and might make the top ten.

Here's where I disagreed with the judges, with who they didn't select:
Brandy Neely: She really should have been in the top ten.
Austin Wolfe: Again, she should have been in the top ten.
Jillian Jensen: She had a great rocker/country vibe and would have been in my top ten.
Andrina Brodgen: I really don't remember much about her.
Kenzi Hall: She had one bad performance during Hollywood Week. She was the complete Idol package, surprised she didn't make the top ten.

One more note, the final guy to make the top 15 was Ben Briley over Neco Starr. Good choice America!

Here's Jessica's version of Luke Bryan's 'Drink A Beer'.