As 2012 comes to a close, you'll read 'best and worst of' lists. I want to keep this upbeat and only focus on the good. I am a television junkie and I like my share of what I call 'fast-food' television. Shows that are entertaining but really don't have much substance to them. However, I wanted to take this time to select my television show of the year.

I didn't break this down into types of show, but just the best of the best. My choice for the best television show of 2012 is Parenthood on NBC. The large ensemble cast shines and the show deals with real life situations with class. The show mixes humor and drama like none other.

This season the show has dealt with adoption, relationships and cancer. It draws on situations that you can relate to with your own life. The character of Christine Braverman is battling cancer and the scenes of how the whole family are dealing with it has really hit home with me. I am attaching a clip for the show from 12-11-12 and this clip is a perfect example of why 'Parenthood' is my show of the year! What show would you choose as your favorite of 2012? Let me know!