Eleven-year old Patrick Myers, a fifth-grader, at Park Avenue Elementary School in Auburn wants to do his part to help the homeless. Patrick organized his 'Socktober' sock drive.

Patrick thought that when you are outside in November and December in Maine, and you're not wearing socks, you are going to be cold. So, he did something about it. He started the 'Socktober' sock drive at his school.

Over the past two weeks collection boxes filled the school lobby and students and teachers filled them with socks. The socks collected went to the Hope Haven Gospel Mission of Lewiston.

Myers, got the idea for 'Socktober' from the online video 'Kid President', where 10-year-old Robby Novak, said the Internet should be used to do good things. One of Novak's videos is about 'Socktober', a drive to collect socks and other necessities for the homeless.