Okay, guys and gals...time to weigh in on where you found your trophy!

There are plenty of places in the state of Maine that people flock to, like Aroostook County, but there have to be places below the county where you have bagged you buck!

It's custom if someone has received their doe permit for the first time, you let them fend for themselves because they're the lucky son of a gun that got one. But what about a buck?

Having never been deer hunting before I have a bunch of questions. Chad and I went looking for a place for his tree stand yesterday and I asked him a few questions. The first was "Say you shoot at a deer and it runs away. While it's running away another person shoots it and it dies. Who gets it?" The last bullet gets it. It's more common than I thought, too!

The next question was "They make tree stands to watch for deer and get a good shot. Why don't deer look up?" Holding back a laugh he said "It's to keep your scent away from them."

Hence the reason why I only have a fishing license.

So where are your spots? You don't have to give away all your secrets. What towns are the luckiest? How big was your buck? How many points did it have? Let us know!

Good luck to all the men, women and children this season! Have fun on Saturday. Stay warm and may that 'Turdy Point Buck' stand on a hill in a clear field for you at the break of dawn.