Top picks in the NFL to go all the way this year are Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, New England and New Orleans. Makes sense since they all made to the playoffs last year. Seattle won it all with a win over Denver, but also beat New Orleans in the NFC Championship game.

Denver lost to Seattle but beat New England in the AFC Championship game. San Francisco split in the regular season with Seattle so all the teams in the top five have the potential to win it all. There are three teams at the bottom of list though who many ‘know’ don’t have a chance to win it all.

Look for these three teams to struggle again this year as they have in recent years past: Oakland, Cleveland and Jacksonville.

Cleveland did draft Heisam trophy winner Johnny Manzel but in his first year in the NFL and little experience, the Browns are picked at second worse in the league.

Oakland has been in the cellar for years now and this year will be no different and they are picked to be third worse in the league and to finish last in the AFC West.

Jacksonville has been at the bottom of the AFC South for many years and this year should be no different. Three of their top receivers may be out as the season starts and one may gone for year.