Teachers Homework Assignment Goes Viral
A teacher in Denver, Colorado had a homework assignment for her third grade class when she wanted students to write down things ‘I wish my teacher knew’. She was surprised by the answers she received.
Denver Bronco Fan Disappears From Game
Update below
Thursday night when the Denver Broncos were playing the San Diego Chargers, 53 year old Paul Kitterman disappeared. Kitterman was at the game with his son Jarod, they had seats in the south bleachers, at half time the son went to the rest room and when he came back to his seat his father…
Tough Games to Pick on the NFL Schedule This Week
If you making your Pro Football Pick Em on B98.5 there are some tough game on the schedule this week. Injuries make a big difference in games so here are some of the tougher picks and an injury report that may help you. The Thursday night game will be in the books so this won’t help …
Best/Worse in NFL 2014
Top picks in the NFL to go all the way this year are Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, New England and New Orleans. Makes sense since they all made to the playoffs last year. Seattle won it all with a win over Denver, but also beat New Orleans in the NFC Championship game.
Andy Capwell’s Big Game Pick
Well the Big Game is finally almost here. It's Denver and Seattle. The top offense versus the top defense. In my mind, I've been going back and forth with which team I think is going to win the game.
EA Sports Madden NFL Predicts Broncos to Win Super Bowl
It seems the outcome of the Super Bowl has already been determined even though the game hasn’t been played on the field. It has been played by EA Sports and Madden NFL 25 in a simulation that has the game going into overtime with Denver beating Seattle 31-28.