Here on Super Sunday I think back on two of these games that really standout in my memory. The first is the first time the New England Patriots won the big game. They beat St. Louis 20-17 on an Adam Venatieri 48 yard field goal as time ran out.

St Louis tied the game with 1:30 left to play and when the Patriots got the ball they didn’t have any time outs. Everyone though New England would take a knee and go into overtime, but Brady connected on a 23 and 16 yard pass to set up the winning field goal with seven seconds left. That game marked the first time in Super Bowl history the game was won on the final play.

The other game that stands out to me is the first time the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl. It was Super Bowl 9 when the Steelers beat the Vikings 16-6. The score was 9-6 in the fourth quarter and Minnesota kicker Fred Cox missed a tying field goal. Pittsburgh took the ball with 3:31 left and marched 66 yards to put the victory away. This stands out to me because as a kid growing up in the ‘Burgh’ and seeing the Steelers year after year suck…it was nice to finally have a hometown team that went all the way.