Comedy Night for Kiley
Kiley is a six year girl from the greater Portland area who is battling Leukemia. Surgeries, chemotherapy and heparin doses daily have taken their toll but Kiley continues to smile and fight. The Hooligan Riders are hosting a comedy night for Kiley tonight December 1st at The Gold Room on Warren Av…
Some Laughable Animal Clips To Funny Up Your Monday
Mondays really are a downer for most of us.  Always hard to get back into your weekly work routine after having such a beautiful weekend.  So, I'm a space cadet today and find myself just randomly watching funny animal clips...that really are just too good not to share.  You&apos…
Don Rickles Dead
Don Rickles, best known as being perhaps the best insult comic of all time, has passed away. He was 90.
The comedienne died Thursday from kidney failure at his Los Angeles home, according to his publicist Paul Shefrin.
In a 1965 appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson gav…

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