Rectal Thermometers Still the Best
I have notice a lot of people getting a cold this time of year, it happens every year of course. There are so many different ways of taking your temperature from putting a thermometer in your mouth to putting one in your ear to wiping one across your forehead. All o.k. but not the best.
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  I have 6 kids...4 who are actively on some form of social media.  I talk to my kids daily about what they've been up to and I check their phones to see if what they tell me is the truth.  But, even though I hope I can trust the…
Kids Write The Darnedest Things
Every child at some point in their life will say something that leaves you wishing you had caught it on tape.  The moment is gone...forever.  But, we've all come across something that our young pip squeaks have written.  Whether it is the spelling or just the overall general message, it causes quite…
Standing at Work May Be Bad For You
Study after study has told us how bad it is to spend our workdays sitting. New research indicates 'standing' may be just as bad. Plant workers, who stand at least 75% of the day, were studied.

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