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New Music Friday: Midland
The best record from 1992 is available today.
In case you haven't paid attention to country radio the last six or seven months, rock and hip hop are no longer the only genres embracing retro. Texas's Midland owe more to Little Texas than say, Little Big Town...
Krispy Kreme Ready To Open In Saco
October brings Halloween, Octoberfest, and a Krispy Kreme! Over the last few months, the rebuild from a former Burger King has been stirring lots of talk, and the wait is over October 3rd.
Have time to kill? Camp out! It might be worth your while. Acc...
BREAKING: Randy Houser To Headline Oxford Fair
After the tragic death of Troy Gentry last Friday, the Oxford Fair were scrambling for a headliner. Well, Randy Houser to the rescue. According to WCSH 6, the Like A Cowboy singer will play on Saturday in place of Montgomery Gentry.
More details to follow...
Win Tickets To NASCAR’s Playoffs
NASCAR has kicked their season into high gear, and it roars into New Hampshire Motor Speedway September 24. We have your tickets! 16 drivers are in the hunt for the championship, and they'll fight it out for 300 laps.
Here's how you win: listen for Randy and Sarah to play NASCAR Math during…
Why I Won’t Win The Powerball
Tonight, there's a record Powerball drawing, and we spent a decent chunk of time fielding calls about what people would do with the money. When Sarah asked me, I sputtered for an answer. See, I hadn't given it much thought, as I don't play the lottery.
Couple Names Baby Eclipse After…You Guessed It
When it comes to our first and middle names, we're all at the will of our parents. Sometimes, this is unfortunate, as in the case of baby hashtag. Parents also have timed their newborns to enter the world as the first baby of the year. Baby Eclipse is a combination of the two...
Mainer Headed to Mongolia for Endurance Horse Race
Amanda Charlton Herbert, 26 of Poland, Maine, is going to be involved in what has been called one of the toughest horse races in the world.
Herbert is on her way to Asia as just one of eight Americans who have been selected to compete in the Mongolian Derby.

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