Maine NEEDS Indoor Surfing – Wouldn’t You Agree?
Maybe Maine already has this, and I'm unaware of it.  But move over indoor trampoline parks...would someone PLEASE bring indoor surfing to Maine!!  This video is of my son on a trip to Florida.  If Florida can have INDOOR surfing...then  get in the game Maine!!
Central Maine Couple Has Cutest Gender Reveal Evah!
This wonderful couple is my brother, Joe, and his wife, Justine!  They are going to be first-time TWINS!!  I can't even imagine raising TWINS!  But they have embraced this blessing and are having tons of fun with it.  This weekend they surprised us all with a Gender Reveal party.  They …
Sarah Thinks Smoking Should Be Banned From Fairs
Yes, I think all fairgrounds should BAN smoking.  We all know the health hazards associated with second hand cigarette smoke.  So, I will spare the lecture.  Being in the path of a burning cigarette is disgusting.  But, here's what I've observed at local state fairs.
Does Your Teen Do This? Or Is it Just Sarah’s?
Talk about waiting until the very last minute.  Good grief.  Is this an overall teenage boy thing or is it just a Sarah Dyer's teenage boy thing?  My son had his first formal dance this weekend.  He's known for weeks.  Guess when I found out??
Is The Augusta School Department Considering A Time Change?
As a parent who has children that attend the Augusta schools, I was so excited to receive this survey in my email from the school department.  Last week, I mentioned that some changes need to be made to the calendar and also the time of day school starts.  I know I've heard other pare…
What’s The Most Used Phrase Heard In Your House?
During the Morning Buzz, we took phone calls and talked to listeners who answered this question 'What's the most used phrase heard in your house?'  We got some pretty hysterical responses.  A few we can all relate to.  Some off the wall answers, too.  McCoy said fo…
New Portland Restaurant Won Me At Adult Milkshake!
New burger restaurant coming to Portland will specializes in amazing burger and adult milkshakes!  The BRGR Bar is currently open in Portsmouth, NH and will be opening soon in Portland.  But they don't serve your traditional burgers and milkshakes.  Check out some of their culina…

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