Sarah & Renee Tour The Mend-A-Body Solutions Store [VIDEO]
Great things are happening with Mend-A-Body Solutions in the month of June!  Right now, if you take their quick survey you will win a free gift from them when you mention B98.5! There is no obligation to join, but if you do, you can earn bigger gifts like 6 sessions of group classes, half off metabo…
Andy Capwell’s New Smile!
It all began last summer: the moment I received the opportunity to take care of my oral health.
I met with Dr. Randall Cutri at Capitol Dental Care on State Street in Augusta. He guided me with a plan on rectifying the problems with my teeth.
In short, the plan was to get all of my teeth extracted and…
Up Your Nose With a Rubber…Dart
Steve Easton of Surrey, England thought he suffered most of his life from hay fever. He would often get a case of the sniffles or headaches since he was young child. Turns out, a hard sneeze cleared-up the problem.

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