Today Is National Nap Day! 8 Reasons You Should Take A Nap
Today is National Nap Day!  What a great day.  We spent most of our childhoods rebelling against them, and if I could go back to Kindergarten and regain each nap I rejected, I would.  Aside from the fact that naps feel so darn good!  There are actually many benefits to taking a l…
Anxiety – I Don’t Wanna Feel This Way Anymore!
It's hard for many of you to understand anxiety and how it controls people.  Not sure what anxiety feels like?  You know that feeling you get when you miss a step on the stairs and your stomach lurches - it feels like that, but lasts a lot longer.  It's right in the middle of feeling like you're goi…
Spending Time in a Sauna Good For Your Heart
Here’s something that may warm you up during this extreme cold weather, relaxing in a ‘sauna’ may be good for your heart. A study out of Finland found that men who use a sauna on a regular basis are less likely to die from heart disease.
The Story That Burger King Uses Horse Meat Is Bologna!!
Here's where you have to be very careful with what you believe on the internet.  A lot of people read something and somehow it flips in their brain that it must be true.  This is when your rationalization skills need to kick in and say "What? No way?"   A g…

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